Service Plan A – $175


(Scheduled outside of heating season unless otherwise approved)

Just like changing the oil in your car – your furnace should be tuned up annually.  This is good for you and the environment as it helps reduce the amount of fuel you use which will reduce your energy bills.

  1. Test and regulate all burner and safety controls
  2. Clean or replace fuel oil strainers
  3. Replace nozzle
  4. Check and adjust ignition system
  5. Vacuum furnace/boiler
  6. Check and lubricate motors
  7. Replace oil filter cartridge
  8. Inspect combustion chamber
  9. Adjust heating unit to maximum efficiency


We offer 24-hour, 7 days a week Emergency Service. Your family can rest easy with this valuable service.


(Spin-On Oil Filter is an additional charge of $16)

Through this service agreement we will cover all parts and labor as described below for one full year.  We will also provide a 24 hour emergency burner service under this agreement.  Please note:  Hot water is not an emergency and will be scheduled during business hours: weekdays 8am-5pm, Saturday 8am-12pm (during the heating season).  The annual cleaning is covered and will be scheduled during the non-heating season unless otherwise needed.

**Stack relays are not covered by the service agreement and must be replaced with a Primary Control prior to enrollment.

Blast Tube Heating
Blower Fan Belt
Blower Pulley
Burner Cables
Burner Switch
Cad Cell Relay
Cadmium Cell
Circulator Relay
Delayed Oil Valve
Emergency Switch
Fan Control
Fuel Oil Filter
Gauge Glass
High/Low Limit Control
Jet Line
Multi-Aquastat Relay
Oil Burner Air Cone
Oil Burner Coupling
Oil Burner Fan
Oil Burner Motor
Oil Burner Nozzle
Oil Burner Pump
Oil Burner Transformer
Pressure Limit Control
Thermostat (Heat Only) T-87
Transformer (24v)
Taco Zone Valve Head

**Additional zones may be covered for $20 each

**This agreement also covers water heat burners for an additional charge of $65

Boilers, piping, furnaces, air ducts, registers, radiator valves and other equipment not specified above are not included in this agreement.

Water parts, feed valves, expansion tanks, high vents and other materials that are not covered under this agreement are subject to cost of material and labor charge.